Endtime Seminary

You are welcome to Endtime Evangelical Seminary where you can get what the best theological education can afford. This section of the platform is aimed at helping you to know God better and the core subject of theology such as:

  1. Theology Proper
  2. Angelology
  3. Anthropology
  4. Bibliology
  5. Harmartiology
  6. Christology
  7. Soteriology
  8. Pneumatology
  9. Ecclesiology
  10. Eschatology
  • To create interest in you in such a way that the above subjects shall be made easy for you to understand.
  • To help you be a Christian 
  • Apologists to defend your Christian Faith in Jesus Christ.
  • To stir your mind to even enrol in any Bible school near you with the purpose of obtaining a certificate.

In our main campus at Lagos and other centres of study in Nigeria, We train, educate and pass out students in Diploma (D.th), Bachelor (B.th), Masters (M.th) and Doctorate (Th.D (Esha)).

If you are interested you can inquire for more information by contacting us @Sobifantelevision@gmail.com