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Ghana for Christ - How President Nana Akufo-Addo Affected the Success Life of Youths in Ghana

It is almost three years new president Nana of Ghana was sworn into office on 7th January 2017 and he has affected the success life of youth in Ghana.

He made skills acquisition the cardinal goal of his administration seeing that not everybody had the advantage of cognitive education system he introduced this psychomotor that can ensure that youths became experts in the various skills of learning that can make them successful, independent and self-reliant in life

And so many youths are professional photographers, digital marketers, food vendors, into building,  manufacturing, repairing and other types of skills.

This has made the lives of the youths better in a society free from crimes and insecurity. It has increased employment opportunities in the nation and a good example to other neighboring countries to follow.


As it is written in Exodus 31:2-4

“See I have called by name Bezaleel the son of Uri. And have filled him with the spirit of God. In wisdom and understanding and knowledge and in all manner of workmanship, to devise cunning works, to work in gold and silver and brass”

It could be possible that this is the spirit needed to learn skills. Some are not yet gainfully affected by this skill development program in the country.


The spirit of Jesus is the wisdom of God says the Bible in 1 Corinthians1:30
And this spirit of Jesus is made available at repentance for it is sin that blocks it from entering into people.


He died on the cross for the sin of everybody. He paid the cost of our sins. He was buried that God will forgive and forget. He was raised from the dead that his spirit might indwell in your heart at repentance. It has lots of benefits.

Do you know that when you believe Jesus your soul will be saved? His spirit will live in you and begin to control your behavior? He will release peace of God in you. Give you eternal life and will help you live in heaven at death? And many more as an individual do you believe in Jesus?

Do you want to repent from sin, receive Jesus as your Lord and savior? It can possibly lead you to Jesus now by the simplicity of praying together.

Say after me and you count it done.

 “Heavenly father; I am a sinner. I come to you for forgiveness. I believe in Jesus. I commit my life to him. Save me now, I receive Jesus. In Jesus Name. Amen”
Congratulations count it done

Now you are saved:

All you do is begin to pray and confess your sins to God Proverbs 28:13;
Begin to read your Bible (1 Tim 3:14-17);
Join a living church for fellowship with others.
Start to tell others about Jesus.
And sin no more Mark 16:15-17; John 5:14).


Evangelists, Heaven, and earth can pass away but he that believes in his word and abides in it shall not be put to shame.

Go and preach the gospel. Souls are perishing. Say No to idleness. It shall be well with you. For more info: visit


Pray that God shall save America from being cast into hell fire on the judgment day. To remember the good works of the nation in helping and protecting other nations.
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God bless you
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