Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Gambia For Christ - The President Of Gambia Gives 6 Ways to Good Governance

Adama Barrow

The government is said to be the way one group of people in a nation controls the affairs of others.

In this group must there be one man who is the chairman or the leader of decision making that leads to success or failure of the group.

To this effect, the President of Gambia, Adam Barrow has invested the responsibility of leading good governance that shall bring peace; prosperity and sustainable development in the nation.


 To him, good governance is the goal of lies administration. His ability to control the public institution to use the limited resources of the nation to produce a satisfactory result to his people is expressed in the way the following 7 factors of good governance is put in place.

1.Participation: The institutions are advanced to make sure that agents or state holders concerned participants in decision and execution of public affairs.
2. Consensus: Publicinstitution to be united in their agreement to carry out programs and events for the public interest.
3. Accountability: He makes sure that managers of public businesses give accounts of what they do for public assessment.
4. Transparent: Public accounts must be transparent; accountable and correct without unexplainable clauses.
5. Responsive: Projects must be such that is practicable; good and achievable so as to get a good result.
6. Effective: Programmes will be imparting to the society. Products will be good and acceptable to the public; and will be evenly distributed within the bounds of rules of law.


Many times principles fail to produce the desired good; because of the heart of man.

This wickedness of the heart of many is a result of sin which is the root of evils. Shall we continue in sin that good shall come?

It is we citizen that are holding our future in our hands. If our leaders can turn our nation to God; things will be better. If they cannot, what of you as an individual? God starts with you.


It begins with the heart. God has given us Jesus his son to die for our sins. He was buried that evils we did in the past will be forgiven and forgotten.

And was raised up on the 3rd day that we will be qualified to bear the spirit of Jesus in our hearts; to control and direct us in all the affairs of life.

And also to save our souls and prepare it for heaven at death. You have the chance now you are alive to receive the change.

Do you believe in Jesus? Are you ready to receive his spirit in your heart? If you are ready I will help you now. As we pray together, count it done. Say after me.

“My heavenly father I am a sinner. I come to you for forgiveness I believe in Jesus. I give my life to him. Save my soul now. I thank you for saving me; in Jesus' Name. Amen”.


Now you are saved. 

  • Pray, repent and confess your sins. 
  • Begin to read your Holy Bible; 
  • Join a gospel church, 
  • Tell others about Jesus, 
  • Sin no more.

Rejoice & God bless you


Evangelist, do you know Jesus is really coming again? And you are comfortable? Please rise; go out to win souls. This is the greatest work you can do for God. Rise and go; resist the flesh. Go preach the gospel.

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Do you know that without the total eradication of sin; sinners and Satan; you can never have the ideal world the world leaders are pursuing to achieve today by nuclear weapons. Thank God Jesus is coming soon to eradicate sin/sinners and Satan and establish an ideal world. For more info, visit, www.knowendtime.com

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