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El Salvador: Committed to solving social problems

9/7/ 2019
(World News in God’s Perspective)

The News Highlights:

1.      El Salvador: Committed to solving social problems.
2.      El Salvador for Christ: Considering the poor
3.      Motivation: God first, you are anointed ….
4.      Bible Prophecy: UN is the 4th …for Good and Bad
5.      Our Market Place: To Develop you….

The News in Details

In this end time when militancy and insecurity is the order of the day nations budget high on security and military, the nation of El-Salvador commits itself to solve social problems in education, health, transport and culture.

According to “on his visit to the city of quet-zaltepiqué,
Salvador Sanchez Careens the president of El-Salvador. Reaffirmed Saturday how proud he was to lead a left government in the region that is committed to helping people and solving social problems”

In Another Development

El-Salvador for Christ: Considering the poor
Let us open our Bible to Psalm 41:1-3
“Blessed is he that considereth the poor the Lord will deliver him in time of troubles. 
The Lord will preserve him and keep him alive and he shall be blessed upon the earth and thou will not deliver him onto the will of his enemies.The Lord will strengthen him upon the bed of languishing; thou will make all his bed in his sickness”


What is it that is in your heart?

You know what your action is in your heart controls. A good president carries a good soul and a bad leader carries a bad soul which afflicts people.

The sinful heart is enmity to God and man, for this purpose Jesus came into this world to die for mankind.

Nobody considers the poor without a change of heart. This calls for a sacrifice. The bible says that God loves the world that he gave his son Jesus to die for our sins. So we shall have the heart of love for all people. I don’t know whether you have received the spirit of Jesus in your heart to release the love of God in your life.

Today Jesus Spirit is Available

When Jesus died on the cross to pay the cost of your sins, he was buried that God will forgive and forget them forever, but God raised him up from the dead in other to qualify you to carry his Spirit and to be able to go to heaven at death.


I encourage you to do so. There are many blessings you will have in doing so. As a person, you will be saved. Your soul will not go to hellfire when you die. Here on earth, you will have peace with God and enjoy Gods peace, you will carry the spirit of Jesus in your heart, able to fellowship with God always. The Lord will protect you and also provide for you. I want to lead you to Jesus now. Do you believe in Him? Say after me.

“My heavenly father, I believe in Jesus Christ, He died for my sins, and God raised him up from death, I accept him as my lord and saviour thank you, father, in Jesus name. Amen.


Now join a living church and begin to read your bible. Pray and confess your sins to God, begin to tell others about Jesus. God bless you.

Other Good News in Brief

Motivation to Evangelist:

a)     God first. You are anointed to win souls. Heaven is watching to record your own souls won to Jesus. Don’t miss them.

b)     Are you still in the house? Arise; go preach as you go; Operation victory is sure today.

Bible Prophecy for you:

a)     UN is the fourth-word government in the mind of God for good and bad. For good before the rapture and for bad after the rapture. Pray to God to use the UN to prepare the world for the rapture.

Our Market Place

To Develop You

It is our business to develop you; together we develop our visions and projects. For this work of God in soul winning and church planting needs togetherness and development.

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