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Bulgaria: Freedom is the ultimate

3rd NOV, 2018
(World News in God’s Perspective)

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1.   Bulgaria: Freedom is the ultimate....
2.   Bulgaria For Christ: Be free to choose.....
3.   Motivation: You are a soldier......
4.   Bible Prophecy: Oh New York, New York, if you....
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The News in Details:

Man is created by God to be free in many ways in other to release his best natural potential to live together, contribute meaningfully to the good of all and to the development of the community he finds himself.

To this virtue the president of Bulgaria in his speech 3rd March 2014 as reported by m. President by /end said "For us freedom, national not personal, is of enormous value... What man needs above all is freedom; freedom should first be felt in the heart."

President Rumen Rader should be remembered for his strong leadership in the democratic freedom of Bulgaria people.


Bulgaria for Christ preaches freedom to choose whom to worship" Joshua 24:15; as it is written.
And if it seem evil unto you serve the Lord, choose you this day whom to serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other sides of the flood or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell: but as for me and my house; we will serve the Lord. And the people answered, and said God forbid that we should for sake the Lord to serve other gods”.

          All other gods are idols make your choice today and now. You have every reason to choose God who created heaven and earth. Who made you; protected you and provide for you daily. A living God, who sees, hears, walks, and delivers. Who has a son called Jesus, though invisible, him you must serve.

He is a spirit and you are made flesh. For you to serve him, you must be born of his spirit, so that you can worship him in spirit and truth. 

Well, you must believe in his son Jesus, who came unto the world and died for your sins. He was buried and after three days he was raised up from the deed. Today he is alive. And ready to come unto your heart to give your spirit a new life, to qualify you to be a son of God that shall live in heaven at death or at rapture. Believing in Him will usher his spirit into your life. Do you believe in Jesus? 

My heavenly father, I believe in Jesus. He died for my sins. He was buried. God raised him up. He is alive. Forgive my sin. Cancel my name in the book of hell. Write it in the book of heaven. I now commit my life to Jesus. Thank you for saving me. In Jesus Name! Congratulations.

Now you are saved. Begin to pray and confess your sins to God. Begin to read the Holy Bible. Join a gospel preaching church. You can download them from the internet.      
Don’t forget to begin to tell friends about Jesus. Make up your mind not to sin again. Now you can serve God in spirit and truth. God bless you. 


Motivation to Evangelists:

1.                 You are a soldier in the front line fighting the gospel battle. Live a holy life; obey God and network of Evangelists. Preach Jesus. Be strong and profitable to enjoy our common vision of saving perishing souls.
2.                 Where are the morning criers, rising up early and preaching the gospel; repent, repent, repent for Jesus is coming soon? Awake from sleep, oh Evangelists. 

Bible Prophecy for You   

1.                 Oh! New York, New York, if you know what ensures for your peace as world UN headquarter, you could be happier, than before 9/11 episode, Think! Rev 17:16-18.
2.                 For Babylon of old was razed down at the height of her reign over the world of old: Nahum 3.

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