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Azerbaijan: secret to rapid development

28th May, 2018
(World News in God’s Perspective)

The News Highlights:
1.     Azerbaijan: secret to rapid development
2.     Good news: Azerbaijan for Christ.
3.     UN: who is a toothless bull dog- UN or Turkey?
4.     Vatican City: Does Pope not believe in Hell?
5.     Israel: behind the curtain?
The News Highlights:

  Despite Armenia headache, the president of Azerbaijan, Ilhan Aliyev revealed the secret of his country’s rapid and successful development.

According to “Development of democracy, human rights protection are among the top priority of our government”, the president said “All fundamental freedoms are fully provided in Azerbaijan, including freedom of expression, media in freedom, freedom of assembly, religious freedom”.

Public opinion believes that Azerbaijan’s cultural integration plays also part in her rapid development.

In another development is the good news: Azerbaijan for Christ
The Prince of Peace:       “for unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder; and his name shall b called wonderful, counselor, the mighty God; the everlasting father, the prince of peace” (Isaiah 9: 6).

The holy Bible tells us about Jesus Christ as the prince of peace. Lack of peace in your heart suggests uncertainty of life and crisis sin produces. A sinner has no peace in life.
God’s plans for you: For this purpose God sent his son Jesus in to the world to die for your sins. He was buried. After three days God raised him up from dead. Today he is alive in heaven but his spirit is here on earth to enter into your heart on invitation.

Receive him in your heart
1.     for forgiveness of your sins
2.     For salvation of your soul from going to hell at death.
3.     For the peace of heart he will give you
4.     For ensuring that you go to heaven when you die (john14.6)
5.     For a great change and better life here on earth.

Do you want to receive him now?  Now pray along with me; “My father in heaven. I believe in Jesus.  I am a sinner forgive my sins. I receive Jesus in my heart as lord and saviour. I commit my life to him, even so father help me in Jesus Name”.
Congratulations. Go join a living church to fellowship with. Read your Bible. Pray and confess your sins to God. And tell others about Jesus. God bless you.
Other world News in Brief:

UN: who is a toothless bulldog; UN or Turkey?
   The two giant organizations- the UN and OIC believed to be toothless because of their peace agenda for which they were founded. For Turkey to blame UN is an irony.

    According to; “Turkish President Erdogan said UN is finished, ended, collapsed” and accused the international community of failing to deal with the Israel attacks. 

    Public opinion asks, what has he done as the current president of organization of Islamic Conference (O.I.C)?

In the latest news from Vatican City: Does Pope not believe in Hell?

This comes as a shocker from a Catholic historian Prof. Roberto de Mattei. According to, “he is convinced that Pope Francis does not believe in the existence of Hell”.
Public opinion questions, if Pope believes in Heaven, why can’t he believe also in Hell? May God help us!

In another report from Israel: Behind the curtain, the question is; who and who is behind the Gaza protest; Kuwait, Hamas or the Gazans? 

According to the; “Kuwait calls for international force to be deployed to Gaza to protect Palestinian civilians from Israel”. This Mr. Danon calls ‘shameful’ and support to Hamas and residents of Gaza sent to die for Hamas’ rule.

Public opinion asks the organizers of Gaza protest, “Peaceful protest and peaceful negotiation, which one is safer? (Rev 20: 8-9).
 Peace be unto you all in Jesus’ name!
Author: Rev wilkey  Ozor
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