Friday, 11 May 2018

Armenia: The truth is often bitter.

11th May, 2018
(World News in God’s Perspective)

The News Highlights:
1.     Armenia: The truth is often bitter.
2.     Good news: Armenia for Christ.
3.     UN: Security Council says NO to Russia
4.     Vatican City: Pope holds ecumenical prayers
5.     Israel: Which God do the Jews believe?
The News In Details:

When the majority is on the streets of ‘NO’; the few has no alternative than to bow. This is true of Yerevan Armenia protest.
According to the of April 26th, 2018, “Prime Minister Serzhy Sargsyan bowed to protest demand and resigned. The spark for the demonstration was an attempt to extend the Government after the Presidential two terms in office!
Public opinion pats the PM on the back for honorable resignation and congratulations to the Armenians for successful demonstration.

In another development; it is a Good News: Armenia for Christ.
We Can Do Nothing again  st the Truth
God’s word says; “you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free” (Joh 8: 32). And Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth and the life; no man cometh to the father but by me (Joh 14: 6).

In life, self deceit is the worst thing that could happen to any person. This is often the work of hypocrisy. Everybody knows he is a sinner; but refuses to own it up; knows that he shall die one day, but does not want to agree.
The truth is that if you can accept that you are a sinner before God; and that one day you shall die to leave this world; he shall have mercy, forgive you and prepare your soul for Heaven.

He made provision for all these when he sent Jesus Christ his son to pay the cost of your sins. Jesus was crucified on the cross; he was buried, on the 3rd day God raised him up from the dead and today; he is alive, waiting for you to invite him in your heart. Do you believe this?

The Truth Is That:
It is not God’s will for you to die and go to Hell Fire for eternal punishment; would you like to go to Hell?
God’s Will for You:
Is to repent and accept Jesus in your life; he will lead you to Heaven at death.

How to Repent:
Acknowledge prayerfully before God that you are a sinner. Confess Jesus before him with your mouth, believe he is alive in your heart, look for Holy Bible and begin to read about Jesus. Join a living church. Trust God to help you avoid committing sins.

Now You Need Help:
Say after me:
“My Heavenly Father, I know I’m a sinner
I believe in Jesus, he died for my sins
But he’s now alive, I ask for forgiveness
And I invite you in my heart; I commit my life to you from today
Thank you for saving my soul
In Jesus’ name, Amen!”
God bless you!

Other World news In Brief:

UN Security Council says NO to Russia. The Russians took their case to UN Security Council over the American strikes of chemical bomb facilities in Syria.
According to ‘’ of April 14, 2018; UN Security Council votes down Russia proposal to condemn Syria strikes”. Opinion says, what again does Russia want of the death of poor Syrians?

Following the report from Vatican City; pope holds ecumenical prayer meeting by July 7th at Bari, St. Nicholas’ Home town; with Middle East church leaders.
According to “Pope Francis will visit Bari to host ecumenical day of prayer for peace”. Modern Eschatologists believe that such meeting is not dangerous now; but shall not be of peace after rapture.

In the next report from Israel, which God do the Jews believe? A survey conducted recently by Pew Research Centre “89% of American Jews do not believe in the God of the Bible”.
No wonder St Paul says; the Jews are zealous in God but not according to knowledge (Rom 10: 1-4). For you to believe the God of the Bible, you must believe in Jesus; repent from your sins. As the spirit of Jesus comes into your heart, your understanding will be enlightened to know the true God that created Heaven and Earth. Do so today!
God Bless You
Author: Rev Wilkey Ozor
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